Alumni Association

Pragya College Alumni is the Alumni Association, the organization for former students, faculty and staff – collectively termed “alumni”. The Alumni Association provides a forum for alumni to maintain and develop their links with the College. It encourages present and past students to remain part of the Pragyan family.

Its mission is to support and promote the interests of alumni and the College community by enabling alumni to strengthen the bonds between present students and its alumni community, by creating personal links with alumni, providing alumni services and by fostering “emotional” connections among alumni, students and the College. The Fergusson College seeks to keep alumni informed, to maintain good communications between alumni and present students, and to encourage meaningful alumni involvement with our College.

EFA, the Alumni Association acts as an umbrella organization for a number of local, overseas, and regional “Alumni Groups”. New volunteers are always welcomed to become involved in supporting the work of the Local or Regional Alumni Groups. The Alumni Association promotes ongoing communication and cooperation among alumni, students, faculty and staff..