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The activities of NCC at  Shri Pragya Mahavidyalaya Bijainagar are guided by certain core values of comradeship, sportsmanship and strong character that we endeavor to instill among the cadets. We successfully produce go- getters who actively participate in national level camps. Our NCC unit gives an environment conducive to motivate cadets to serve society and nation. We provide training to students with a view to develop them as
“Leaders of tomorrow”
NCC-National Cadet Corps -1 Wings
1. 11 Rajasthan BN

Activities of NCC

Institutional training

Community development training

Training during annual training camps at Bn. level

Training during Centrally organized camps at various levels.

Training during adventure activities camps (D G level)

Training during attachment camps with regular army.

Training during National level camps (RDC, TSC, IDC, YEP, NIC etc)

Training during various competitions (NCC sports, Rifle shooting, Obstacles, Map reading etc.


Aims of NCC

  1. To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country.
  2. To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership in all Walks of life and be Always Available for the Service of the Nation.
  3. To Provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces.