Rules & Regulations

1. The hostel is under the direct control of the Warden, subject to the Principal.
2. Applicants to the hostel, if selected, will pay their fees at the Bank on the day of admission.
3. The parents and guardians will be present with the students on the day of the interview, no admission can be made in their absence.
4. Students will occupy the room allotted to them, no change can be made without the express permission of the Warden.
5. Food will be available in the Hostel.
6. Students once admitted are expected to abide by the rules of the college hostel. They will take all their college tests and examinations, and attend classes regularly. They are liable to forfeit their seat in the hostel for non-compliance.
7. Students are not permitted to use the mobile phone. If anyone is found to violate this rule, she will be punished accordingly.
8. All hostelries are advised to switch off fans and lights before leaving the room. Electricity and water charges must be paid as per the meter reading for their rooms by the 5th of every month.
9. Strict silence will be observed in the hostel during study hours from 8.30 pm to 11 pm, on holidays.
10. Hostelites including those who avail the facility of coaching classes are required to be back to the hostel by 7.00 pm every evening. No excuse shall be entertained.
11. Students can leave the campus only with the permission of the Warden. They will not be allowed to spend weekends with their friends and relatives or go out visiting except with the prior written permission of their parents or guardians.
12. To leave the hostel, the hostelite has to give one months notice and parents’ permission is necessary.
13. Students will meet their visitors at the College Campus only. On no account can they be taken to their rooms or inside the hostel. This rule applies to day students as well.
14. Students shall vacate the hostel on the closing day or the next day. They are not allowed to spend the vacation in the hostel.
15. Students should not keep any money or valuables in their rooms. The authorities accept no responsibility if money or any kind of articles are lost.
16. The Warden can carry out a surprise check of the room/s at any time.
17. Cleanliness and gentility must be observed everywhere in the hostel. Students will keep their rooms, books, beds, and surroundings clean and tidy. No waste paper or hair combings should be thrown on the floor or out of the windows.
18. Defacing the walls or doors, damaging the furniture or any kind of destruction is punishable (with a fine) individually or collectively if the person at fault is not traceable.